Buying Replacement Auto Parts: A Closer Look At Your Options

Most auto repairs will require the use of replacement parts. When purchasing replacement parts for your vehicle, you will have a few different options to choose from. These options are brand-new, used, and refurbished auto parts. Below you can learn more about each of these options so that you can choose the one that is right for you.

Option #1: Brand-New Auto Parts

While the option of buying brand-new auto parts may seem a bit obvious to most people, many people may not realize that there are two different types of brand-new parts they can choose from. The first of these options is what is known as original equipment manufacturer — or OEM — auto parts. This type of brand-new auto part is made by the same manufacturer that produced the original part for your vehicle. The benefit of choosing OEM parts is that the parts are guaranteed to fit perfectly and there will be no negative impact on the resale value of your vehicle as a result of replacing existing parts.

The second option you have is to buy aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are also brand-new auto parts, however, these parts are made by a third-party manufacturer and are often designed to fit multiple different vehicles. Brand-new auto parts offer the longest warranties available but also come with the highest cost out of the three options you will have available to you. 

Option #2: Used Auto Parts

Your second option when buying replacement parts for your vehicle is to purchase used auto parts. Used auto parts are often sold by salvage yards and are removed from vehicles that are identical or similar to your own. While the vehicle they are taken from may be disabled, the individual parts are still in working condition. Unfortunately, there is often no way to verify how much life a specific part still has left in it. Consequently, used auto parts often come with a very limited warranty or may be sold with no warranty coverage. Because of the higher risk or needing to make repeat repairs in the near future, used auto parts are typically sold at a much lower price than brand-new auto parts. 

Option #3: Refurbished Auto Parts

Your final option will be to purchase refurbished auto parts. This option seeks to combine the benefits of the two options that were previously discussed. This is because refurbished auto parts are used parts that have been restored to a like-new condition. Refurbished auto parts will typically come with a reasonable warranty while remaining more affordable than brand-new parts.