Dealing With Exhaust System Damage and Repair

The exhaust system on your vehicle has several jobs to do, but the most important is to get the gases coming from your engine out away from the passenger compartment of the car. Damaged parts of the system can allow exhaust fumes into the car and make it unsafe to drive.

Exhaust System Components

There are some common parts in every exhaust system that can be a problem if they become damaged. The exhaust manifold mounts to your engine and directs the exhaust gases to the exhaust pipe under the car. The head pipe carries the gases to the catalytic converters and then to the mufflers under the vehicle. The tailpipe then carries the gases out the back of the car. 

A leak in any part of the system needs to be fixed right away. If you smell exhaust gases inside the car, take it to an exhaust system repair shop or a local muffler service and have them check the system. The odor coming into the car means that noxious fumes are getting in as well, and over time, they can make you extremely sick or worse. 

Signs of Exhaust System Damage

One of the most common signs that the exhaust system is damaged is a change in its sounds. If the exhaust system volume increases suddenly, it could mean that the muffler has a hole in it, or the pipe between the engine and the muffler is leaking. A muffler service can inspect the system to determine where the damage is and make repairs to it.

Rattling or banging noises can often indicate a loose exhaust system and can be easily fixed by adding an exhaust hanger under the car. Ignoring the noise and allowing the exhaust to move around under the car will eventually strain the exhaust pipe and connections under the car, causing it to break or crack and start leaking exhaust under the vehicle. 

Scraping noises coming from under the car may mean the exhaust has dropped far enough to make contact with the asphalt as you drive. Over time the contact will cause damage to the parts of the system that are hitting the ground, and you will need to replace them. 

In most cases, the muffler and catalytic converters are the parts that contract the ground because they are the largest parts in the system, and they are also the most expensive parts to replace. If you notice a scraping under the car, take the vehicle to the exhaust system repair shop and have them inspect the system. Any part that has been in contact with the ground will need to be checked for damage. If these parts are damaged, they will need to be replaced. Contact companies like Muffler Man if you need muffler repair.