Transmission Care Tips For A Longer-Lasting Vehicle

Replacing a transmission can cost as much as $3,500, which is a lot of money to many people. Luckily you can take measures to keep your transmission in good repair for longer so you can keep your car in healthier condition without spending a lot of money. Here are transmission care tips you can put to use every time you drive your vehicle that help keep repairs at bay.

Watch the heat

It's not extremely difficult to overheat a transmission, and once this occurs, repairs or a complete rebuild may be needed. You can prevent transmission failure due to heat by keeping your coolant fluids topped off during the warmer months and keeping an eye on your vehicle's thermometer. If the thermometer doesn't appear to change, then the gauge may be faulty and need to be replaced. You can check your vehicle's thermometer by placing it in boiling water to see if it pops up in response. If it doesn't, you may need to replace it.

Avoid hard shifting

Always make sure your vehicle is fully stopped before shifting gears when you are driving a car with an automatic transmission, and only shift gears in a manual when speeds allow for the change. This helps prevent actual wear on your transmission that can cause it to need repairs sooner. If you smell a sulfur or egg-like smell coming from your transmission, it may be a sign that you are shifting too harshly. Another sign of hard shifting is rough transition between one gear and another, which you can feel in both automatic and manual transmissions.

If you aren't shifting any differently than usual and you notice that switching gears is becoming more of a challenge, have your transmission's fluids checked. Your issue may be as simple as lubrication, which can easily be remedied by a transmission repair expert. It's wise to have your fluids checked every time you put oil in your car or change other fluids, so you know your vehicle is in its best running condition.

Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission vehicle, you want to keep this part of your car running smoothly for as long as you can. A lot of the reliability of your vehicle's transmission lies in your general care, and regular maintenance can make a huge difference in the working ability of your car. If you notice any issues with your transmission, take your car into your mechanic right away for a checkup.