Three Reasons Why You Cannot DIY Commercial Garage Door Repairs

Although commercial garage doors often open and close in the same manner as residential garage doors, you cannot attempt commercial garage door repairs yourself. There are just too many different moving parts and dangers involved. Here are at least three reasons why you should not attempt the repairs on your commercial garage door yourself, and why you should leave the task up to a pro.

Commercial Garage Doors Are Exceptionally Heavy and Can Kill You

Commercial garage doors are exceptionally heavy. If these really heavy ones fall or the supports let go, they can land on you and crush you. People have been known to suffer hand, foot, leg, and even head injuries because they were in the way of fully operational, commercial garage doors. Imagine what they can do to you when they are not fully operational and they land on you. It is akin to having a hydraulic car lift in an automotive shop fail and drop a vehicle on you or a transmission jack drop the transmission on your foot.

The Pulley and Chain Systems Are More Complicated Than You Think

Watching the pulley and chain systems that are commonly found on most commercial garage doors, you might think that these are not all that complicated. Actually, they are. They require a greater amount of supporting and resisting force to hold the door in place. Measures of balance and counterbalance have to be managed while the door and its opening system is repaired. That said, unless you know how these systems work and you know how to orchestrate these balances, supporting and resisting forces, you should not attempt to repair the door yourself.

You Cannot Substitute Residential Garage Door Parts for Commercial Door Parts

Even though residential and commercial garage doors share similar-looking parts, these parts are usually not interchangeable. Too many people assume that if their commercial garage door opener needs to be replaced, they can just replace it with a residential garage door opener. Other residential garage door parts have been substituted in commercial garage doors—and with disastrous results. If you cannot find or buy the correct commercial door parts, your garage door repair expert can find them and install them for you.

Replacing Your Commercial Garage Door Entirely

It goes without saying that if you need to or just want to replace your commercial garage door entirely, definitely do not attempt this job yourself. You may find yourself in any one of the above scenarios. Calling a pro means you will not only get the job done safely, but it will also be completed correctly the first time. Contact a company like J & R Garage Door Company Inc. for more assistance.