How To Replace The Taillight On Your 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Someone backing into your Jeep Grand Cherokee can easily break the taillight. Replacing the taillight is usually a pretty easy fix that a regular car owner can do without any special training in about a half an hour. The first thing you should do is get a replacement taillight. A brand new taillight will cost a few dollars more than a used one from a salvage yard. So, if you're trying to save money on the repair, head to your local salvage yard, such as City Auto Wreckers, and get a taillight off an old Grand Cherokee that's being dismantled. Once you get the new taillight, here is how you can put it on your vehicle.

Remove Old Taillight

Open the back hatch to expose the screws on the side of the old taillight. There are two Phillip head screws near the top and bottom of the taillight. Remove the screws with a medium-sized Phillips head screwdriver. Stand at the back of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and pull the taillight toward you. The entire taillight assembly will come off of the vehicle. Disconnect the wire harness connector going to the tail light to remove it completely from the vehicle.

Remove Lightbulbs

If the light bulbs are undamaged, they can be used again. Also, you may want to change the light bulbs in the taillight you got from the salvage yard before you install it onto your vehicle. You probably won't know if the light bulbs are good or bad until you install the new taillight and turn the lights on. So, it's better to change the bulbs now instead of waiting until you get everything back together.

There are three plastic covers on the inside of the taillight. Turn the covers counterclockwise and pull them out. The light bulbs are attached to a bracket on the other side of the cover. Twist the light bulbs until the prongs on the stem line up with the slots on the bracket and then pull the bulbs out.

Install New Taillight

Connect the wire harness to the replacement taillight. Position the taillight back into the backend of the vehicle and line up the screw holes. Replace the Phillips head screws.

Test Taillight

You should now test the signals and lights on the taillight by getting into your Grand Cherokee and turning on the lights and turn signals. You also want to check the brake lights. If you don't have anyone to look at the taillight while you press down on the brake pedal, you should park the Grand Cherokee so it is backed up to your garage door or side of your house. You should be able to see the glow of the brake lights shining off of the garage door in your rearview mirror when you press on the brakes.

Once you have determined all the lights in the taillight are working properly, you're ready to get the vehicle back onto the road without worrying about getting a ticket for a broken taillight.